My First Tomato Worm – Ever! and Hugel Kultur Bed 3 Years On

tomato worm wasps

I was examining the tomato vines that seem to be everywhere, and found … my very first tomato worm … EVER!  I’ve always planted marigolds and basil with my tomatoes, but this year those plants got overrun with the tomato vines.  I was concerned at first, but then noticed that the worm was covered with wasp larvae.  They will take care of the worm.  Nature taking its course.


At the Dig Deep growers conference in Fort Worth this past weekend, I re-established contact with the organizers of the Community Harvest garden in Plano.  I visited on Sunday, and took a tour.  Of note was a hugel kultur bed that is about 3 years old, and going strong. My tour guide mentioned that the bed was placed flat on the ground, and that next time they would dig a trench in which to place the wood branches that form the base component of the bed.

hugel cuuc 3 yr

Barrier Free Gardening for the Aging, Mobility Challenged and Others!

I just got the final agenda for Tarrant Area Food Bank’s annual Dig Deep conference on community gardening and urban agriculture.  Find out how to set up and run a community garden, rain harvesting, vermicomposting and community organization!  And then I’ll be giving the presentation on Barrier-Free Gardening!  I am so honored to be a part of the stellar line-up!  Here’s a link to the registration page.  It’s Saturday, July 16, 2016.  See you there