Well, I finally moved into the 21st Century (well, almost) with the beginning of this Blog. Guess FaceBook is next, since I’ve gotten some invites from others I know. So….here goes!

2009 goals include finishing my Masters – in History – and ramping up my home-based business. The idea is that I have about 2-3 years to get the business going before I “retire” (read: change careers) and make my getaway to a rural environment. Does that mean property or the edge of a small town? Don’t know. I’d like to be part of an intentional community but own my property fee-simple. All in good time.

In keeping with the HBB (home-based business), I just finished labeling and preparing my latest batch of Soaps for Sensitive Skin. In particular, the Healing Honey/Oatmeal soap. In a couple of weeks, I’ll get the Creamy Rich Goat Milk soap labeled and prepared for sale. I’m waiting on an order of oils to arrive so that I can make the Vegan Avocado Soap. So far, the testimonials I’m getting are encouraging.

AND….I actually managed to get a website up ( and functioning. Need to move the e-commerce to web-based rather than e-mail based. That’s for the next couple of weeks. Going slowly on this technology thing.

I guess this is enough for my first post.