Goat Milk Soap is Ready

It’s always exciting when I declare a batch of soap ready. I have to take a bar and try it myself – and this latest is luscious. My skin just relaxes when I use the goat milk soap. I plan to get another batch going this weekend, so I won’t run out again! It’s the most popular so far among those who buy my soaps.

On another note, I decided that “Domestic Arts Emporium” just doesn’t adequately describe my soaps. So….after brainstorming with a couple of friends, we decided a better portrayal would be “Texas Naturals” and then subhead, “Pure Soap”. I think that says it all. So I got the web addy “texasnaturals.net” and filed an assumed name with the State of Texas. That will lock things in. Now to do another website. 🙂 Oh, my, technology challenges raise their heads again. As soon as I get the website functioning, I’ll add a link here.

But the thinking behind the name and “Pure Soap” is that folks buy my soaps because they are gentle on the skin. There are no scents, no added essential oils (some of which I’ve found to be quite irritating to my skin), just pure soap. When I did a little market research in the soap aisle at Whole Foods recently, about 90-95% of the handmade soaps were scented or had some added something, like cinnamon, or citrus, or whatever. I can’t use those, and figure others can’t either.

I’m going to stick with pure soap. It’s not fancy, but it sure feels good on the skin. Guess I’m just too pragmatic! 🙂

I actually got to weave some last weekend. It felt so good to sit at the loom, and concentrate on the next throw of the shuttle. Truly relaxing and meditative. I have so many ideas, though, of things I’d like to try weaving….my old problem comes up – too many ideas and too little time!

Speaking of time….it’s getting away from me now, and so I really, really need to get going.


Finished mixing the avocado oil soap this evening. It looks luscious – so creamy. The avocado oil doesn’t fully saponify, so it starts out by being superfatted, and then I added a bit more just before pouring it into the mold. Can’t wait to try it out!

Lots of interest in my “Healthy Natural Soap for Sensitive Skin” at the Art Festival Friday evening and Saturday. A friend who’s a nurse coined the “healthy soap” moniker. I sort of like it.

Too late to write of much more.